Trading on exchange rates

Forex trading is the process of buying and selling currencies. Forex is the biggest, the most liquid and the most rapidly increasing financial market all over the world. The clients choose currency they wish to trade and do the transactions.

Our spreads

Spreads are one of the most important thing for investors while looking for brokers. FORZEX TRADE is aware of that fact and offers low spreads for all account types.

Symbol Spread Symbol Spread Symbol Spread
EUR/USD 0,8p USD/JPY 0,8p USD/JPY 0,8p
GBP/USD 1p EUR/JPY 0,8p EUR/JPY 0,8p
AUD/USD 0,8p USD/CHF 0,8p USD/CHF 0,8p
EUR/CHF 0,8p EUR/GBP 0,8p EUR/GBP 0,8p

for Platinum accounts

FORZEX TRADE provides the spreads from 2 pip on the Silver account and fixed spreads from 1 pip on the Platinum account. Besides the advances the traders get while trading with FORZEX TRADE, they also can take the advantage of reduced commission for all the operations.

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