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Our advantages

  • Fast execution of trade orders
  • Minimum requirement to set up an account - 500$
  • Quick cashout
  • We collaborate with major suppliers on the European market
  • Sophisticated cooperation

More than 1000 instruments
(currencies, indices, stocks, raw materials)


Partner1 - implies the possibility of using the Ferrari tool in our MT4 trading terminal

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Why is it worth to choose our company?

The FORZEX TRADE company has been offering services in the sphere of an actual and online trading in different assets for many years. Besides we always strive for the quality improvement of our service provision as we put our client first.

What are the advantages of our company?

First of them is the extensive experience. The company staff includes specialists who have been working on the market already for many years.

Secondly, it is the broker`s work speed, since the gains and losses depend directly on the execution rate of customer transactions.

And thirdly, the advantage is the convenience for our clients. The broker`s overview is significantly affected by such seemingly minor things as technical support, provided analytics, the minimal deposit amount or a variety of tools. FORZEX TRADE offers to you its professionalism in this field and, as a whole, during working together.

To feel comfortable and to test the platform, each client will be able to open a demo account at his will as well as to attach trade signals and indicators allowing to optimize and automotize trading process.

What is trading?

We`ve been aware from our chilhood of how a shop works. You can take there something you need and give some money in return. It`s exactly the example of trading in our everyday life. Usually we don`t even think of that. So, we can come to the conlusion that you`ve already known something about trading. Now let us figure out what trading means in the financial markets.

As we`ve just said, trading, first of all, is an exchange. Exchanging money for goods and products is the illustration of trading in the real world. Everything goes the same way in the financial markets. The difference here is only in the article of trade.

You can buy here, for instance, some stocks of a company (in other words, purchase a part of its property). To make profit, you must wait for the rise of stock prices and then sell them. The more the price increases, the more you earn. That is the trading!